Roberto Marroni

Wear At Your Own Risk: Roberto Marroni Jewelry

A word of warning: Wear one of Roberto Marroni’s stunning baubles—sold exclusively at Barneys New York—and you’re bound to experience effects of extreme (but understandable) narcissism, thoughts of feeling (rightfully) royal, envious stares and an endless barrage of “Where’d you get that?”s.

The perpetrator? Roberto Marroni, an Italian jewelry designer whose passion for the trade was sparked early on in his father’s jewelry shop. Roberto has now spent 30 years in the business—selling at Barneys for 10—creating exquisite pieces one after the other. His colored diamond pavé work, for one, is to die for.

“I like to look for manufacturing techniques that come from the past and make a jewel really unique, so that an imperceptible imperfection becomes a guarantee of perfection,” he says.

As for where he finds inspiration, Roberto says, “I am a careful observer. I am interested in fashion, architecture, painting and all art. But most of all, I like to capture the trend of the moment, transform it into an idea and materialize it into a jewel. Sometimes inspiration comes from the shapes, other times from the colors or even the materials.”

So whether you’re looking for an excuse for some unabashed self-indulgence or hoping to set some sparkle to an otherwise pared-back look, Roberto will undoubtedly help you up your jewelry ante this season.

1. Multicolor diamond sand necklace; 2. Diamond triple ring; 3. Grey agate & brown diamond large pendant necklace; 4. Cream diamond baby sand earrings; 5. Black & white diamond baby ring

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Image courtesy of Roberto Marroni.