THE URBAN GENTLEMAN: The Ultimate (Anonymous) Men’s Style Guide

Given today’s over-exposed media world, the fact that one of the leading men’s style blogs remains anonymously authored is a considerable feat. But although the blogger behind The Urban Gentleman remains shrouded in mystery, his site has become the go-to destination for guys looking to up their style game.

Covering everything from grooming tips to style icons to how-to-tie-a-tie tutorials, this site is single-handedly helping the world to become a more dapper place.

We managed to score an intimate glimpse into the inner world of the Urban Gentleman, and though we can’t tell you who he is, we can divulge what makes him tick: navy blazers, Tomas Maier, and a few sprays of cologne.


Barneys New York: What defines the Urban Gentleman?

The Urban Gentleman: The Urban Gentleman is simply the modern gentleman: a man of style, class, and culture.

BNY: What three items should every Urban Gentleman have in his wardrobe?

TUG: Every Urban Gentleman MUST have a tailored fit navy blazer, a perfect fitting pair of quality dark denim jeans, and the third item should be a signature item. Whether it’s your grandfather’s watch, simple classic oxfords, or a unique vintage jacket, it should be something that defines you and accents your personality.

BNY: What are the biggest fashion mistakes you see men make today?

TUG: I see a lot of guys trying too hard and often over-accessorizing. They think, “The more I put on the, the better I look,” but of course, that’s not always the case.

BNY: If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?

TUG: Are you sure you want do that? Okay, just be sure to accidentally lock in one of your in-house tailors, too! I’d keep it mostly classic Americana and opt for a Gant button-down, Thom Brown suit, Band of Outsiders tie, Alexander Olch pocket square, Garrett Leight shades, and John Varvatos boots or Barneys New York oxfords.

BNY: Who is the one designer you would love to have lunch with?

TUG: My typical answer is usually Ralph Lauren because he’s built such a huge empire with his lifestyle brand, so it’d be cool to get deeper into his brain. But if I purely chose the designer off of my taste, I’d have to go with Tomas Maier because I’m a huge fan of Bottega Veneta.

BNY: What trend do you have your eye on this season?

TUG: I guess my favorite trend would be “native inspiration.” Finding different ways to integrate Native American pieces into your wardrobe is a style adventure. The prints seem to tell a story within the patterns.

BNY: If I ran into the Urban Gentleman at Barneys New York, what would he be wearing?

TUG: A button-down shirt, vintage jacket or tailored blazer, tailored pants, depending on the season classic loafers worn sockless or rugged vintage boots.

BNY: Finish this sentence: You’re never fully dressed without…

TUG: … a few sprays of cologne. It’s a part of the impression you make and really does act as an unwritten signature. There are so many from Barneys, it’s hard to pick one…

– Photos courtesy of The Urban Gentleman