The Raincoat Comeback: 5 Designers Outfit Us In Exclusive Styles

When I think about spring, I think about rain. Trend forecasters don’t forecast weather patterns, but it’s a given that at some point in the season, it will rain—and probably a lot.

After being caught in too many torrential downpours without an umbrella and splashed by countless taxis speeding through puddles, I decided it was time to embrace the one thing you can always count on: a chic raincoat.

It’s not an easy find. Many of us probably own a classic trench that may or may not be water-repellent, but what does a modern Spring 2012 functional raincoat look like? Well, instead of going on a hunt, we reached out to five Barneys CO-OP designers we adore—and here’s what they imagined and created exclusively for us. Style.com and Babe Walker of White Girl Problems have more on the inside scoop.

1. 10 Crosby Coated Trench: The coated black raime fabric makes this a very chic and sophisticated style. It’s the perfect piece to wear to a rainy wedding.

2. A.L.C. Open Trench: This is a clean and timeless update to the classic trench coat.

3. Sea Lace Raincoat: Lace often has a ladylike feel, but it takes on a very different vibe when it’s coated and sealed. And the hood adds extra protection from the rain.

4. Rag & Bone Mies Trench:  The orange piping on this trench feels just right for the season.

5. Isabel Marant Malky Raincoat: Rain or shine, anyone who is already a fan of Isabel can seamlessly add this style to her closet.

- Tomoko Ogura, Barneys CO-OP Fashion Director