We’ll be the first to admit—New Yorkers can be, well, rather New York-centric. Venturing to Suffolk County is adventure enough for many of us. But overlook our sister city Philadelphia? We wouldn’t dream of it.

There’s much to behold beyond the Bell: the new Barnes Foundation, incredible (and incredibly affordable) restaurants, the ubiquitous and uber-chic La Colombe, and as of this month, a spin-off of the Brooklyn Flea.

There’s no question that Philly’s got panache, and that’s why Barneys New York feels right at home there.

We’ve asked Barneys’ in-the-know natives, Samantha Carter and Candace Shane, to share their recommendations for what to see and do in town, as well as style some street-smart looks for guys and gals alike.


Photo courtesy of Flickr user RobertFrancis