When it comes to necessary luxuries, cashmere is high on our list. And when it comes to perfect but not too precious cashmere, there’s really only one man for us: Greg Chait.

Chait, who founded the knitwear company The Elder Statesman in 2008, describes his business as having a “first person perspective”—which means Chait obsesses about every yarn, every knit, and every style. (After embarking on a fruitless search for the perfect cashmere blanket, he decided to simply make his own.) His travels around the world may have resulted in his perfect blankets, but it really comes down to the things he himself wants as well as the things that the people he surrounds himself with want.

Judging by his cult-like following (not to mention a slew of awards, like last year’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize), we’d say the name The Elder Statesman is one well worth knowing. We dropped by Chait’s West Hollywood studio to find out more—check out the video below, and then get ready to scoop up some of his impossibly-soft sweaters, hats, scarves and more…

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