I have a confession: I use Methyl Aminomethyl Cyclohexyl Carboxamide (aka MACC) twice a day, every day. I am addicted.

Let me back up a little. Two weeks ago, I was introduced to Clé de Peau‘s Synactif skincare system, which distinguishes itself from other luxury beauty products by targeting the lymphatic system. (Scientific aside: the skin uses lymphatic channels to eliminate toxins, but as you age, they struggle to do their job as effectively.) Enter MACC, which helps keep the lymphatic system operating at peak performance. As the cornerstone of the Synactif system, it is as close to a magic elixir as we’ve encountered.

Much of Synactif’s initial allure lies in its simplicity. The regimen consists of five products and five products only: a bar of soap that smells deliciously of rose, rosemary and iris; a softening lotion; daytime and nighttime moisturizers infused with Vitamin C and, of course, MACC; and finally, the pièce de résistance, the ultra-concentrated Intensive Cream.

After two weeks of pampering myself with these products (and getting used to a growing chorus of compliments), I headed to Barneys New York for the Synactif facial, which, at $100, may be the best bargain in luxury skincare. The beauty of this treatment, my aesthetician told me, is that it doesn’t involve harsh techniques like exfoliation or extraction. Instead, it generates healthy skin from the inside out, using massage and a potent dose of MACC-infused moisturizing cream to promote lymphatic drainage.

No, “lymphatic drainage” is not the sexiest turn of phrase, but it is the reason that Harper’s Bazaar included Synactif on its list of 10 skincare secrets that actually work. But don’t take it from us. Shop the collection below, or call the Barneys New York nearest you to schedule a facial.