The lovely Candice Pool has been crafting her coveted jewelry line Finn since 2005. However, the inspiration behind Finn’s refined pieces reaches far back in time.

An impressive trove of vintage keepsakes—from Pool’s grandfather’s racing trophy to antique wedding cuffs acquired on a trip to New Orleans—has informed the sweet, occasionally sentimental aesthetic of Finn. We love that each piece manages to be both a nod to the past and a statement for the present.

Along with our friends at Love Gold, The Window visited Pool in her New York studio. She took us through the highlights of her antique jewelry collection and shed a little more light on how Finn came to be.

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“The watch I’m wearing I snatched from my mother’s safe. It’s an 18-karat gold Piaget Polo from 1979. It was such a part of her for years, always there whenever I held her hand. When I first put it on, I was like wow, I’m her daughter. I love having such strong memories tied to an object I look at throughout the day.”
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“My poor boyfriend. I had no idea he was proposing, so the ring was all him. He had it made in platinum, but the week before he proposed changed it to yellow gold. Good choice. He’s a keeper. The thick cuff is the showpiece of the Souvenir collection. It’s heavy, shiny, delicious gold with pave diamond letters spelling out ‘souvenir.’ When waiting for a parcel of rubies to be packed up in the Diamond District, I was playing in an estate jewelry booth. I saw this gold bangle with ‘souvenir’ spelled out in black enamel letters. I thought it had to be pop, but the store owner told me it was Victorian, from the Grand Tour. It didn’t matter if it was a souvenir of Paris or Pompeii—it didn’t have to say so. As long as it was a souvenir, it meant you were lucky enough to experience the world. I never bought the bangle and I regretted it ever since. And the notion haunted me. I knew I would have to use it in a collection at some point. The whole Victorian influence is evident in Finn: keepsakes, treasures, sentiments, hearts, charms, rose cut diamonds, black diamonds, rubies. This collection is still carrying the Victorian notion, but with a more modern look.”
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“This necklace is from our yet-to-be-released Looking Glass collection. It’s inspired by Brazilian scapulars, but instead of saints, it’s super high polished gold. Reflective enough to mimic a looking glass. These can watch your future and your past.”
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_MG_7292“These two pave cuffs are also from my Souvenir collection. The diamonds are scoop set into a bangle that slides on, so you can turn them around and they are an open cuff. The arrow bangle is new for the holiday season, too. When you wear it alone, it falls into your wrist almost onto your hand. Really cute.”
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“More Victorian! The two bracelets on the left I found in an antique store in New Orleans. It’s a matching pair of wedding cuffs. The story is: A man would present one bangle to his love as an engagement token and the other at their wedding. When I wear these on each wrist I feel like an antique super chic Wonder Woman—it’s amazing. The bracelet in the front was my grandmother’s from 1947. It’s hard to find engraving that fine anymore. The quilted bangle was a gift from my friend from an estate jewelry store. “Merry Christmas 1994″ is engraved on the side. I can never have enough bangles.”
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“The lion is a topper from a big silver horse racing trophy that belonged to my grandfather in South Africa. The ‘necklace’ on the lion is my other granny’s charm bracelet. So many charms! My favorite is the pistol. She was a wild one and carried a gun in her purse wherever she went.”