Acne‘s creative director Jonny Johansson epitomizes all that is cool and interesting about Stockholm—which is saying a lot, considering the city’s reputation as an epicenter of design.

Jonny co-founded Acne in 1996 with a goal as broad and far-reaching as its name suggests (Acne stands for Ambition to Create Novel Expression). One of its first projects was a small run of raw denim jeans, and they soon branched out into fashion, furniture, publishing, jewelry and even bicycles. Still, it’s their minimalist skinny jeans for which they remain best known.

The Barneys New York team recently took a field trip to Acne’s headquarters and developed our own kind of Stockholm Syndrome—we never wanted to leave! (In part because we toured the city with the ultimate insider’s guide in hand, put together for us by Jonny himself.) One stop on the list included Acne’s flagship store at Norrmalmstorg, which is housed in the former bank building where, in 1973, the robbery that inspired the term “Stockholm Syndrome” took place.

Below, we’ve shared some of Jonny’s favorite hometown spots, along with a few of our favorite pieces for spring.

1. Favorite meal?
The restaurant Allmänna Galleriet (Restaurang AG) serves great meals for meat lovers!

2. Favorite restaurant?
The french bistro Bergamott at Kungsholmen. I lived next door to the restaurant for 7 years and hang out there often.

3. Favorite café?
My friend Magnus’s café, Il Caffè at Södermalm, has the best coffee in town!

4. Favorite Acne store?
Our Swedish flagship store at Norrmalmstorg. I’m very proud of the staff that works there.

5. Best shopping experience?
The independent art bookseller Konst-ig at Södermalm is great! They specialize in books on art, photography, architecture, design and fashion. I shop there often.

6. Best place to keep warm during winter?
At my house in front of the fireplace. Or at a nice bar called KB—it’s like a watering hole for famous artists and actors. This is a place where you could have a drink and a chat with some old funny art-ladies. On the weekends many of the old artists and actors are having soup and red wine on the top floor.

7. The place you’ll most likely be inspired?
At our HQ in Gamla Stan. I’m inspired by the amazing building and all the cool and talented people on my design team.

8. Best souvenir to bring back?
A pair of our new Acne Skin 5-pocket denim or a vase designed by Ingegerd Råman for Orrefors.