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Step by Step Luxury: The Careful Craftsmanship of Zagliani

Anyone who thinks all handbags are created equal has clearly never encountered a Zagliani. One look at the perfect stitching and exquisite detailing (not to mention those sumptuous skins!) offers a glimpse into this Milanese brand’s legacy of quality, craftsmanship and daring designs.

Founded in 1947 by Bruna Zagliani, this luxury brand has long been a secret source for bag connoisseurs and in-the-know celebs. Today, Zagliani’s creations are as exquisitely crafted as they were when Bruna herself was overseeing their production, but they’re also infused with a contemporary sensibility that is as daring as it is luxurious. Known for their bold colors and exotic materials—think smooth python and statement-making crocodile—each Zagliani bag is handcrafted by local artisans who treat each piece as a singular work of art. In today’s world of fast fashion, this is one brand that is defined by a rare commitment to patience and perfectionism—and the results speak for themselves.

So how do these works of art come together? Below, a step-by-step guide.

1. The Right Materials

Selected for their pristine quality and unique features, precious skins form the foundation of each Zagliani bag. Artisans then work diligently to cut them in a manner that minimizes waste and emphasizes the natural patterns and distinct qualities of each skin. The artisans’ vision and precision at this stage is critical in order to guarantee a one-of-a-kind final product.

2. The Essential Elements

Working around various stations in the atelier, the artisans handcraft the handles and body of the bag, a process that requires intense focus, steady hands and unwavering attention to detail.

3. The Careful Construction

The bag begins to take shape as the body is finalized, the handles are stitched on, and distinctive internal lining is introduced.

4. The Finishing Touches

Finally, zippers, buttons and decorative elements are applied, and the bag is polished in order to bring out the natural gleam of the materials.

It’s no wonder that Zagliani has garnered a cult following among handbag aficionados. Not many brands can boast a production process that is slow-paced and personal, yet results that border on otherworldly. Indeed, these are bags for people who know bags. Isn’t it time you count yourself among them?

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