If you’ve ever experienced slipping into a carefully planned ensemble—the one you daydreamed about, deliberated over, tried on, and reviewed with your closest friends—and then finally got to step out and show it off to the world, then you know how we feel today. The last few months have been spent putting together a look with you in mind and now we get to share it.

Welcome back to The Window. The all new, better than ever style destination offering up the unique view and exclusive access of Barneys New York. With our spiffed-up site, you can now experience all the original features on emerging designers, groundbreaking trends, style influencers, food, beauty, décor, and much, much more in an immersive space that’s also fun to shop.

Being that we’re all dressed up for the occasion, we invite you to click around and get to know us better—we’re excited to have you here!

Clean and Simple

Clean and Simple

Our crisper site displays larger photos, handy captions, featured videos, and easier-to-read text. The navigation on the top and bottom of the pages leads you to our latest articles and the related links take you to pages we know you’ll love.

Let’s Go Shopping

Look for the new, improved “Shop The Story” section below or adjacent to each article. It’s filled with all the gorgeous goods seen on the page. Just click on the product you like and it’s a hop over to Barneys.com for a simple add to cart. And, quite possibly our favorite new feature—“The Latest Pick From The Fashion Office” culls our team’s current obsessions with reason.

Category Update

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We’re way more than Fashion alone. The Window is Beauty, Home, Barneys Man, Personalities, and Happenings. Check each one out at the top of the page and bookmark your favorite for future updates.

Live From #BarneysNewYork


Because we’re on 24 hours a day, we made sure you’ll always have access to the latest, greatest from Barneys New York. If it’s on our radar, you can find it in our social status.

The Icon


The Window is officially everywhere. On Madison Avenue (and Beverly Hills, Chicago, San Francisco and well, you get it) in print, on the iPad, and right here. The new open window icon proudly displays what we’re all about. We’re here to greet you in, share our love for great design, and create a space for light and fresh ideas. Stop a moment, take a look, step into our world, and make it your own.