Today, Barneys New York and The Walt Disney Company are showing you an exclusive 20-second first look at the highly anticipated “Electric Holiday” video, starring Minnie Mouse on a fun, fabulous fashion adventure in Paris. Barneys New York will showcase the three-minute video in its entirety as part of its extraordinary 2012 holiday window display.

Viewers will recognize the Minnie they know and love, as she takes a turn on the runways of Paris and in her own mirror, wearing a custom creation from one of the world’s greatest designers. Some of the early highly stylized fashion illustrations have garnered significant attention, however the reality is Disney’s Minnie Mouse proves that true fashion lovers come in all styles and sizes.

Disney characters have appeared in various forms and creative interpretations over the years for a number of special occasions, and the Barneys New York “Electric Holiday” continues that tradition. As always, Disney characters remain true to themselves and to their millions of fans around the world.

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Watch the sneak peek: