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Natural Woman: Introducing Skin’s Exclusive Organic Cotton Collection

“The skin is the largest organ of the body—very thin and permeable, yet amazingly strong and protective. We walk around all day, not really noticing our skin. So the first intimate layer worn close to your body should feel the same,” says Susan Beischel, founder of lingerie and loungewear line Skin.

Known for giving basic boudoir threads a luxurious spin, Susan recently also launched an organic cotton collection, just for us. These XO Exclusively Ours pieces come in three styles—a thong, a boy short and a racerback tank—and a variety of neutrals (black, white and nude) or pastels (robin’s egg blue, creamsicle and lavender). Plus, each boasts the type of fit, fabric and function that makes it feel like it was made only for you.

Below, we got the full scoop from Susan.

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The word “organic” is thrown around a lot. How do you define it?
The cotton used to make these styles is certified organically grown. The dye used is a low impact, which means it uses less water and therefore less dye is running off into the water systems. I’ve used organically grown cotton in many styles since I started my business. Organic is also typically thought of as old school, hippy, granola and boring. I wanted a sophisticated product that offers the right benefits.

Where did the idea to create the organic cotton collection originate?
I wanted to create something that was extremely comfortable and at the same time invisible, yet true to the luxury customer who appreciates pure and natural fabrics. We can still be stylish, fashionable and sophisticated and wear things that are healthy for us. I think many people feel the same way now.

Tell us about the three styles that you created for this exclusive collection.
This is as close to wearing your own skin as you can get. The fabric is lightweight, like a wispy, cotton candy confection. The Peruvian pima cotton is the longest staple yarn, which makes the fabric smooth and strong, soft and resilient. Oddly enough if you think about it, so is the skin on your body! The undershirt is not too tight, but close enough to the body so you can glide your outer layer over it. The underwear is individually packaged in a small recyclable zip-lock package. Tuck a clean pair in your gym bag, desk or your luggage. My favorite thing is to place a packaged pair on the nightstand when I have an overnight guest. It is such a luxurious way to treat them.

Susan Beischel

Tell us about the colors.
The colors were chosen by the Barneys buying team! It made perfect sense to offer the colors of the spring season—soft lavender, robin’s egg blue, and delicious creamsicle. (I love saying that word!) Pure luxury to have your undies match your new outfit. These colors are exclusive to Barneys and they are only available until they sell out. But the styles will continue to be offered in nude, black and white—the go-to staples you never want to be out of.

What type of woman do you see wearing these designs?
The type of woman who wears Skin is a very authentic woman. She knows what she likes and wants. Yet she is always ready to try something new and go on a new adventure.

How do you want her to feel when she slips into one of these pieces?
I imagine her to be beautiful and sexy, because truly all women are. Whether I am taking the subway in Manhattan or at my country house at the beach, I always appreciate the beauty of all women I see. I want her to caress the fabric and move with ease. The Skin woman doesn’t have to try hard to show others her beauty. Her natural beauty is enough and it shines through this clothing.

What’s the most important thing to remember when designing loungewear?
The most important thing to remember is giving people a platform where they can become their better selves. It’s very hard to operate in the world when you are not comfortable. I enjoy making clothes that people find comfort in and serve many purposes. We can economize on some things, but we can still luxuriate in style and comfort.

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