L’Wren Scott was a magical, creative, passionate and brilliant designer as well as a beloved member of the extended Barneys family.

Today, we continue our series of posts devoted to this extraordinary woman, gone much too soon.

From the moment L’Wren Scott launched her collection in 2006, her vision remained steadfast. Whether it was a smoldering gown, a tailored pantsuit or a structured handbag, L’Wren always artfully merged a feminine sensibility with just the right amount of high drama.

L’Wren’s stunning physique and classic elegance made her the perfect model for her own designs. And those lucky enough to wear her amazing pieces have had the great fortune to project a small portion of the effortless glamour that L’Wren herself embodied.

Barneys is so proud to have been by L’Wren’s side since the very beginning, first offering her collection in the fall of 2007. Over the course of our time with L’Wren, we partnered with her to launch handbags, fragrance and cosmetics, all while continuing to stock her impeccably designed garments.

Please view a look back at the Barneys mailer images featuring L’Wren’s designs over the years and join us in celebrating her artistic vision. Although none hold up to the unmatched beauty of L’Wren herself, perhaps we can take some comfort knowing that her creative genius will live on in the timeless works of art that she left behind.