Photo: Courtesy of Raquel Allegra.

Raquel Allegra and Barneys have a relationship that goes way back—and we do mean way back. Having moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, Allegra was paying the bills by working on the sales floor at Barneys when one of our savvy shoppers (in fact, another Barneys designer, who shall remain nameless) happened to take a shine to her personal style—more specifically, a piece she was wearing. Turned out, she’d created the design herself, and a connection was made that eventually led to the founding of Raquel’s eponymous and oh-so-boho-chic brand.

Cut to today, and the line has become a perennial favorite among women who gravitate toward its sumptuous fabrics, easy silhouettes, and free-spirited tie-dye prints. The Window recently swung by Raquel’s sunny studio in downtown L.A.’s garment district to spend an afternoon with the designer (and her dogs) and get an inside look at her creation process.