Rachel Loren may have put it best in her Instagram bio: “Everyday ‘shower-in-it’ 14kt gold jewelry for girlie-girls and tomboys.”

One look at the Loren Stewart collection—which Rachel co-founded with partners Satya Stewart and Annah Stewart-Zafrani—and you’ll understand. Delicate chain bracelets, stackable rings studded with tiny diamonds, understated earrings that still make a statement—these are pieces that you just don’t want to take off. And why should you? The collection exudes that Los Angeles-born, unimpeachable kind of cool, a look that’s tough to pass up.

When we found out (via one of our favorite unimpeachably cool Angelenos, Lizzie Garrett Mettler) that Rachel’s studio was a yurt in her own backyard, we couldn’t help but ask for an iPhone tour. Below, Rachel shows us around her inspiring environs.

“Soft boiled eggs (from our chickens) and Nespresso with steamed milk.  I’m addicted to both.”

“I’ve had this desk since I was a kid. It’s traveled with me from Kansas to New York and Los Angeles. I like to switch up the artwork. This is a traditional Japanese print from Kyoto and the map is ancient Cyprus. I love maps. You can’t have too many maps! The photo is of me and my Grandma Lil. She was always ‘dressed’ and carried a matching lipstick case in her purse.”

“I collect things—carpets, fabric, books, curiosities—from travels. The yurt is the perfect place for me to keep everything.”

“I’m obsessed with art books. Lately very inspired by Iron Curtain Graphics, Walton Ford, M.C. Escher and Japanese manga.”“I usually start designing with a sketch, or I will either form in wax or cut shapes and designs in metal, which become molds or prototypes for new pieces. Sometimes I use graph paper to be sure I’m accurate with measurements.”

“Textiles are stimulating—ethnic and architectural prints, vibrant colors, bold patterns. These pillows are mainly from textiles I have been collecting over the years. Some are made from vintage clothes. The ikat pillows were a dress, the others from shirts I found in the Shuk in Tel Aviv and the bazaar in Jaipur.”

*     *     *

For a look at Loren Stewart jewelry, check out the video below (directed by Rachel’s brother Sammy Loren)—or head to Barneys to shop the collection.

 1. Four-diamond & gold baby bar necklace; 2. Gold skinni plain ring; 3. Silver three-bar cuff ring 4. Six-diamond adjustable ring; 5. Silver arrowhead earrings; 6. Silver & gold mini ID bracelet; 7. Four-diamond long rod earrings