The Barneys New York Warehouse Sale has racked up quite a fan base over the years, but everything has to start somewhere. So how did it all begin? Below, the one and only Simon Doonan gives us the scoop on the early days of the now-famous Warehouse Sale.

*     *     *

When the Warehouse Sale first started, Madonna was living at home, sucking her thumb and watching “The Brady Bunch.” Reagan was in the White House, and people were still doing “the rock” and “the bump.” Brunch had only just been invented. Yes, the legendary Barneys Warehouse Sale has been around for a while. But why is it so legendary? Right from the get-go, the Barneys New York Warehouse Sale was the place to find amazing deals on a designer. It was also the place to see and be seen. Young Wall Street dudes would come to buy their first business suits. Groovy, young, fashion-addicted chicks would change behind the rolling racks (there were no fitting rooms) while waving kittenishly to those dudes. As a result, thousands of gals met their future husbands while trying on shoes and frocks at our Warehouse Sale.

And now: the Warehouse Sale is going online! Will you still be able to find your future husband? Not so much. Will you be able to shop an extravaganza of the world’s best fashion for men and women at extraordinary prices without ever having to leave the coziness of your groovy pad and schlep through the rain to stand on line? Totally.

– Creative Ambassador Simon Doonan

*     *     *

If you, like us, have been anxiously counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the launch of the first ever online Barneys New York Warehouse Sale, listen up. Barneys recently teamed up with PopSugar for a special sweeps, where everyone who enters will not only receive private, one-day early access to the online sale, but will also have the chance to win one of five $200 Barneys New York gift cards. But hurry—the sweeps only lasts till July 29.

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