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Winter Wonderland: How The BARNEYS Team Spends The Season

In the midst of a bizarrely tepid winter (at least here in New York), and with spring just around the corner, it’s looking like we might not get the chance to revel in all our favorite cold-weather pastimes. But just in case Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve, we asked the Barneys team how they usually savor the season.


Women’s Fashion Director

“Taking my kids and dog to the soccer field across from our apartment on the Lower East Side. We do very typical things like building snowmen (usually a collaboration with neighbors), making snow angels and having snowball fights. And our dog goes berserk in the snow, which never gets boring to watch.”


Creative Ambassador at Large

“Walking through the slush in a pair of Wellies.”


Chief Merchant, Executive Vice President

“I had to ask my children because ‘winter activity’ is something that makes me shudder—I am usually forced into it. Ice skating is on the top of their list, along with building a gingerbread house.”


Creative Director

“Sitting by my fireplace with my yellow lab, Jake, at my feet, because there are not any mountains to ski down in Manhattan.”


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

“Sledding in Central Park with my kids after a fresh snowfall. There’s also nothing like ice skating in Wollman Rink on a beautiful, sunny winter day.”