We’ll never argue with the fact that Mom knows best. She was right when she advised against wearing a poofy-pink dress to prom, she knew that hippie college boyfriend was no good and she was certainly correct when she said an astrological sign tattoo wasn’t the smartest idea. Alas, we’re still learning.

In honor of the mothers, wives and mothers-in-laws who always know what to do, we asked the Barneys executives to pick the ultimate Mother’s Day gift—to give or receive. A few even reminisced about their own mother’s best advice. You’ve got until Sunday, May 11—get shopping!



Any mom would love a Moreau leather tote bag—especially in powder blue.

My mom always said, “You can be anything you want to be in life if you work for it.”

*                 *                 *


My sister and mother will get Barneys New York picture frames, and I’d like a Dezso coral and polki diamond tassel necklace. I love anything coral.

*                 *                 *


For Mother’s Day I’m giving my mother-in-law a beauty consultation with Jason Ascher at Barneys Madison Avenue. He’s the best. Do your mother a favor and call 212-833-2782 to book an appointment.

The best advice I ever got from my mother? “Be nice to your mother.”

*                 *                 *


I’ll be gifting my mother Connor’s colorful monogrammed card set. The gold monogram is hand-stamped and a special touch.

*                 *                 *


This year, my mom will receive a hamper of foods from Freds. The teas and cookies are delicious and don’t forget the chocolates!

*                 *                 *


A Moreau tote bag is really the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

The most memorable piece of advice—that’s tough because there were so many—would have to be: “Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines, Dennis.”

*                 *                 *


For Mother’s Day, I’m sure I’ll be getting my most treasured gift: homemade cards from my kids! My son will most likely throw in another pair of homemade, construction paper nunchucks! From my husband, I hope to be getting three Jennifer Meyer necklaces with my family’s initials.

My mother always said, “Happiness is a choice you make every morning when you wake up. You have the power to be happy and attract good things into your life. The universe gives you what you put out, so always put positive energy and thoughts out into the world.”