Barneys New York

New York Fashion Week’s Most Memorable Moments…

New York Fashion Week was packed with back-to-back shows, but the Barneys team did manage to find a few moments of humor amidst the chaos—after all, it’s not all work and no play. From coffins to caviar, here they reminisce about some of the more memorable moments from last week.


Women’s Fashion Director

“The collective gasp from the Barneys team when Gisele appeared on the Alexander Wang runway. It’s a good thing we’re not too jaded.”


Creative Ambassador at Large

“I missed Thom Browne‘s show because I was stricken with a hideous cold. I heard afterwards that the show started with models lying in coffins. That’s pretty funny, right?”


Chief Merchant, Executive Vice President

“Our team refusing to leave The Row‘s incredibly chic presentation at The Carlyle. We lingered at our table with scones and coffee long after the presentation was over. Somehow that fantastic collection made an ordinary cup of coffee taste divine. We tried to stay for the next one, but they gently pushed us out the door.”


Chief Executive Officer

“Adorable Olivia Kim, who helps us with the Opening Ceremony collection and at Kenzo, was wearing jeans for the first time in her life! She always looks great and has fantastic style, and was commenting that she never understood jeans would be so comfortable. It was the first pair she ever bought. And no, Olivia is not 7 years old. Regarding Kenzo, we are excited to launch the first women’s collection designed by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim in CO-OP and then men’s in the fall.


Creative Director

“As always, L’Wren Scott served a delicious lunch at her show. This year, it was simple and perfect: a baked potato with caviar. More than one editor slipped the little blue Petrossian tin into their Céline handbag. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were imagining a little midnight snack of scrambled eggs and caviar.”


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

“I couldn’t stop laughing when Mark sheepishly told me, “Promise you won’t be mad, and we didn’t want to tell you, but…” He and Daniella did not want to tell me that they had gone on camera and done a plug for one of the Fashion Week sponsors (who shall remain nameless). I think they were scared I was going to yell at them!”


General Merchandise Manager, Executive Vice President

“The new thing lately seems to be me getting gently nudged out of the sight lines of a stampede of style bloggers armed with telephoto lenses, all trying to get a shot of the men’s buying team from Barneys. No question, the Barneys guys have style, and they represent a new breed of younger men who are passionately interested in fashion. Every once and a while I do get photographed. Well to be honest, my shoes get photographed; it’s usually a shot of my Bettanin & Venturi boots handmade in Verona, Italy.”