Barneys New York

The Barneys Team Talks Fashion Week

From parties and presentations to new trends and fresh talent, Fashion Week is an exciting time for anyone serious about style. With the New York shows winding down today and Paris and Milan on the horizon, we took a moment to ask the Barneys team what they love most.


Women’s Fashion Director

“Witnessing designers present thoroughly considered and inspired collections that alter the way I think about fashion.”


Creative Ambassador at Large

“Yes, the clothing is intriguing, but I also love to catch up with all my old pals like Vicki Bartlett, Freddie Leiba,  Marylou Luther, Val Steele, Suzy Menkes, Mr. Mickey and so many more. Sorry to name drop. Or am I?”


Chief Merchant, Executive Vice President

“I am still a relatively new participant, so I am always excited about seeing new and beautiful fashion and hearing great music. With everything they put into their collections, some of these designers can make even me emotional.”


Chief Executive Officer

“Discovering brand-new talent.”


Creative Director

“For me, it’s all about the anticipation of seeing something new, fresh and original, which is easier said than done.”


Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

“Sitting and watching the fashion shows, as opposed to working the shows, as I did at Gucci for 10 years. I was always running around and worrying about getting editors into their seats.”


General Merchandise Manager, Executive Vice President

“The weekend of Fashion Week is a great time to re-discover New York. I travel so often that this is a great excuse for me to stay in the city and ferret out new shops. I also like to stop in to see the stores of our hip brands like A.P.C., Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone and Steven Alan to see how they present menswear in their own way.”

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