Band of Outsiders pictured above.

Each season, Barneys introduces so many new names to its shelves—it can be hard to keep track. We can’t resist the temptation to plug The Window here; it exists for they very purpose of keeping you constantly in the know. But apart from setting you browser’s default homepage to, what else can you do to learn about some of Spring 2014’s freshest collections? Well, you can start by consulting our cheat sheet below.

Check out these seven need-to-know designers below, and keep checking back for more new deliveries—they’re arriving every day!



VPL is a brand we’ve known and loved for years, but this spring they’ve relaunched with a focused collection of technical activewear. The trademark color blocking and unapologetically vivid color palette is still present, but materials have been upgraded to make these tops and bottoms certifiably workout-worthy.

*                       *                       *

Atlantique Ascoli


The concept is deceptively simple: the perfect white shirt.  But Atlantique Ascoli’s winter white blouses are a far cry from your ordinary button down. A unique combination of  cotton and linen lends each shirt an elegant structure, very much working in the wearer’s favor. Start collecting now.

*                       *                       *

Philippe Model
Once known for expert hat-making, the Paris-based Philippe Model has now shifted focus to footwear thanks to a chance run-in with the Italian designer Paolo Gamberto. The ‘elastique’ slingback pump is the perfect pop of color for spring, and it’s comfortable to boot.

*                       *                       *



Being made in the USA is a point of pride for Coast-Wide, a new collection of ‘cosmically crafted’ limited edition chambray shirts. We love the hand-hewn feel of the embroidery—it’s a wonderful upgrade to a much beloved medium.

*                       *                       *



Originally established in 1880, Cambiaghi was recently relaunched by Matteo Perego di Cremnago, the grandnephew of the founder. The craftsmanship is exquisite, the designs are timeless. Expect great things.

*                       *                       *


Yang Li


This season’s Yang Li collection presented wonderful juxtaposition of classic romance and punk subversion. Why not pair a tulle skirt with sneakers, a ball gown with a biker jacket? This duality is part of what it means to be a modern woman, and we’re glad to have a designer help us dress the part.

*                       *                       *



Tate creates the kind of classic jewelry you want to wear every day—diamond studs, delicate drop earrings, thin gold bands, even the perfect tennis bracelet—but each design has been made thoroughly modern. Clean shapes and satin-finished metals keep the whole collection infinitely wearable.