Pictured: A.L.C. twisted drape-back sleeveless jumpsuit.

Video by Austin Saya.

It only takes one glance at Andrea Lieberman’s eponymous A.L.C. collection to discern how the designer benefits from her background as a stylist. Lieberman knows which quintessential pieces you’ll reach for day in and day out—your style uniform, if you will. A.L.C.’s looks are wearable and sophisticated, consisting of modern silhouettes in basic black, airy florals that stay feminine without being frilly, and an easy white t-shirt thrown in for good measure. Indeed, Lieberman designs the collection with comfort at the forefront of her mind. A well-constructed basic—perhaps with a bit of a twist—is really all you need.

The collection comes to life in the L.A. studio that Lieberman coins her creative “playground,” where she collaborates with patternmakers and seamstresses to methodically perfect each garment before it goes into production. The Window recently had the pleasure of paying the designer a visit and learning more about the world of A.L.C.

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