Well hello, 2014. So very nice to meet you.

We’re excited to jump right in to all you have to offer, but not without making a few resolutions first. We’ll leave all things finance, food and career-related to our diaries (or more likely, our iPhones’ Notes app), and instead focus here on what we know best: fashion.

At Barneys, we’re obsessed with personal style—and each year we seek to hone ours with greater resolve. Come January 1st, this usually means dedicating ourselves to a handful of mostly minor changes. After all, New Year’s isn’t about reinvention—it’s about reflection: What style missteps would we care not to repeat? Which purchases are we most proud of? How can we make decisions more confidently? How can we feel better in our own skin? How can we have more fun with what we wear?

It’s with all of these things in mind that we have put together the seven style resolutions for 2014 below. But guys and gals, we also want to hear from you. Tell us what kind of fashion rules you’ll be living by this year in the comments section below—or on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BNYresolutions. We’ll share our favorites here on The Window later this month, giving you a proper shout-out if your resolution is chosen.


1. Think beyond the season. In an effort to build a wardrobe that lasts several years (if not several decades), we vow to evaluate the long-term appeal of our bigger purchases. We like to use Pinterest to organize our wants and needs—lists help us stay focused.

2. Edit, viciously. If we don’t love it, it has no place in our closets. End of story.

3. Invest in lingerie. 
This is really a pledge to take better care of ourselves on every level, especially below the surface.

4. Lighten the load.
We love an oversize hobo as much as the next girl, but when it comes to choosing an everyday bag, we’ll be downsizing to something lighter and brighter, like this Mark Cross Scottie satchel.

5. Rethink denim. 
Denim is without a doubt here to stay—but it’s no longer just about basic blue jeans. This year, we’re eyeing places in our closet for denim shoes, skirts and maybe even a jumpsuit or two.

6. Color is the new black.
No longer will we default to black when in need of a neutral. Instead, we’ll look to incorporate broad swaths of red, camel and midnight blue.

7. Question heel height.
We have already joined the chorus of women welcoming the return of the low heel, but swearing off high heels altogether would be a darn shame. In 2014, we will simply be choosing footwear more wisely, based on occasion. For the times when we’re in need of a power boost at work, it’s pointy pumps all the way. For everyday running around, the stacked heel is our new BFF.