Barneys shoppers are always sporting the most on-the-pulse looks, but often, it’s the four-legged companions at their well-heeled feet that steal the show. To celebrate National Dog Day, we take some time out to show some love to man and woman’s best friends.

National Dog Day began as a mission to spread awareness about rescuing dogs from kill shelters and learning how much these loyal animals do for humankind. From assisting the disabled to keeping families safe and working side by side with police officers, it’s important to recognize that they’re more than just pets. The more furry friends that are adopted from shelters, the more lives are saved. Thinking about rescuing a companion for yourself? Head to the official National Dog Day website to find out more.

If you’re in need of a dose of cuteness right now, check out our favorite #dogsofbarneys Instagram photos to see the well dressed pups spotted around Barneys stores across the country. 

Happy National Dog Day!

Image courtesy of @tacoandchalupa

Chalupa loves a good selfie.

Image courtesty of @kingbentleythebulldog

King Bentley the bulldog poses in front of the Downtown flagship.

Image courtesy of @jenniferjhin

Pilot the Irish Terrier feeling at home in the Chicago store.

Image courtesy of  @gwyneth_thegoodbitch

Gwyneth the Miniature Pekinese is a very patient shopping companion.

Image courtesy of @danielleprescod

Is it just us, or is Pica the Pom always in a tale-wagging good mood?

Image courtesy of  @boogerthefrenchbulldog

With a face like that, it’s hard not to spoil Sir Booger III, seen here in San Francisco.

Image courtesy of @remi.le.frenchie

Remi the French Bulldog poses with the Margaret Lee windows this past spring.

Image courtesy of @cleopatra_von_poodle

Spotted shopping at Barneys Beverly Hills: Jiff Pom.

Image courtesy of  @muymuys

This Dachshund at the Madison Ave store ponders the likeness of this Thom Browne bag.

Image courtesy of @davidblack415

Bear the Pomeranian gets his cardio on the #stairwaytobarneys at the Downtown flagship.

Image courtesy of @henrypiglet

Henry Piglet the French Bulldog knows his owner’s snack break is his nap break.

Image courtesy of @hollyhappyhavanese

Holly the Havanese says to get both pairs.

Image courtesy of @hankonhudson

Hank the Hudson Terrier knows a photo op when he sees one.

Image courtesy of @KaptainKlaus

Kaptain Klaus the Great Dane being nonchalant at the Downtown flagship.

Image courtesy of @olivethedoodle

Olive the Labradoodle has a face that’s hard to say no to.

Image courtesy of @mysa_bear

Mysa the Cockapoodle promises not to chew any of these gorgeous shoes.