It’s easy to see why the modman caught our eye. He, that would be Danny Chung, explores personal style the same way he explores his urban environs—with an admirable combination of both enthusiasm and awareness.

We asked Danny to share his fashion philosphy with The Window. Read on to hear what this stylish gent has got to say.

What inspired you to start the blog?
I was watching an episode of Mad Men and I thought, who is the modern man? If Don were alive today, what job would he have? What would he wear? Where would he live? And from that came the evolution of ‘the modern man’ to ‘the modman.’ I am in no way the modern Don Draper but it’s interesting to think about everything that makes up today’s modern man, including style, etiquette, confidence balanced with humbleness, intelligence and so much more.

Who is on your best dressed list?
For me, it’s not about who dresses nice during awards or events, but how they dress day-to-day and who they are, the lives they lead. David Beckham always knows when to wear what, when. David Beckham is a ‘modman.’ Victoria Beckham is the ultimate modern woman. She juggles a hectic life and looks amazing doing it. Emmanuelle Alt, Ashley Olsen, Elin Kling—all so effortless, and it doesn’t hurt that they love black.

What five men’s accessories should every man should get their hands on for spring?
1. A fun spring shoe, with just enough edge.
2. A smart business brief  like this Valextra to help keep your life contained.
3. A simple, thin card case to replace your brick of a wallet.
4. A Rimowa, for that last minute trip to Berlin.
5. Always keep them guessing. It’s what a ‘modman’ does.
6. A Daily Double! Add a personal whimsical touch to any lapel or jacket.

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?
Know what works for you. Certain trends aren’t meant for everyone. Invest. This is not an excuse to buy a lot of expensive things, but to think carefully about what you need and how much wear you’ll get out of it. Cost-per-wear, people. With that said, have fun with fashion! Being smart with your purchases is great, but I know those sky-high crystal Louboutins are calling your name. Get that Givenchy Rottweiler sweater that you’ve been eyeing. Or that metallic hologram PS 11. If you don’t, you’ll definitely regret it. And regrets are the worst.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
M3. Modern, monochromatic and minimalist.

We hear you’re a fabulous cook. What would you whip up for us in Fred’s?
The bird that told you that I’m a fabulous cook! I actually love to cook and bake. Right now, I’m all about cauliflower—cauliflower soup, balsamic & Parmesan roasted cauliflower, cauliflower risotto…I love it all. I wonder if I can make it an ice cream?

If you were “accidentally” locked in Barneys, what would we find you with/wearing in the morning?
The first thing that comes to mind? Packing. Destination? Unknown.