You’re getting married—congrats! Now, what to wear? Whether the nuptials will be fancy or more fancy-free, there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun with formalwear and put your own spin on the day. We asked our buyers for tips to ensure that, whatever your wedding, your look will be sure to be a standout. “While granting your partner his or her day to shine, nobody expects you to fall into the shadows,” Jay Bell told us.

There’s more to your big-day look than just the clothes, though. For wedding attire, the finishing touch is the ultimate boutonniere, so we turned to Darroch Putnam, co-founder of super-chic florists Putnam & Putnam, for his insight on fun with flowers. “Have fun with it!” Putnam told us. “Don’t be afraid to get a little whimsical and loose.”

It’s easy to start to get wrapped up in all the details, especially if multiple accessories aren’t a part of your everyday look. But when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, keep the most basic of tenets in mind. “The most important thing to think about when dressing for formal occasions is to be comfortable in your clothes,” Tom Kalenderian suggests. “Choose clothing wisely to ensure that you can go comfortably buttoned-up for hours.”

Scroll on for more styling tips, along with a peek at Putnam & Putnam’s amazing florals, before heading over to to score your own polished wedding day duds.

The Traditionalist

“A black tuxedo and a silk bow tie are de rigueur for any man’s wardrobe. Dapper and elegant, a man in a classic tuxedo speaks volumes about style in a deceptively effortless way. Ralph Lauren offers perfection when it comes to the classic tuxedo.” – Jay Bell, DMM/VP,  Men’s Designer Collections & Men’s Contemporary Sportswear

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

“When mixing patterns, show restraint by limiting your mix with three patterned items of clothing at most. Pay careful attention to balancing the scale—if the tie is a small neat print, then the pocket square can be bolder, and visa-versa. Focus most on matching colors throughout the patterns and the rest is easy. Just never wear the same exact pattern and color tie and pocket square!” – Tom Kalenderian, EVP/GMM Men’s

Nice Day For A White Wedding

“If you want to keep things formal but veer from traditional black tie, a colored jacket like green, burgundy, or crème, paired with a black tuxedo trouser, is the way to go” – John Totolis, VP/DMM, Men’s Tailored Clothing and Furnishings

Daringly Dapper

“If the wedding isn’t black tie, a tan cotton or linen suit works great. A solid navy or brown necktie will keep the look elegant and polished. For sophistication, make the tie a knit, linen, or linen silk blend—basically anything with texture.” – John Totolis

“We’re seeing a lot of tropical influence in today’s floral design.The key to not being too ‘trendy’ is utilizing these elements in a muted palette.” – Darroch Putnam

Let The Sparks Fly

“While the traditional penguin suit guarantees dress codes are respected, veering from the path of traditional black adds spark to your spectacular day. Burberry XO Barneys New York’s sapphire blue formal jacket is a debonair choice that promises a party-fueled night ahead.” – Jay Bell

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