Meet The Lovely Ladies of THE COVETEUR

Is there anything better than fully sanctioned snooping? Why, yes. Fully sanctioned snooping in the homes of the world’s most stylish and influential people (including, ahem, our very own Simon Doonan). Thanks to The Coveteur, the blog of designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark, we can do just that without having to leave our own very cozy homes.

Featuring artfully arranged tableaus—often in highly covetable closets—Erin and Stephanie, along with photographer Jake Rosenberg, capture small slices of life that charm and inspire. Recently the ladies spilled all to The Window, including what they’re coveting, whose style they admire and how they learned to embrace the technicolor dreamcoat.


What inspired you to start The Coveteur?
The Coveteur was conceived after seeing the film “The Social Network.” After a brief brunch date, the ideas were buzzing, and it took off from there. The name comes from the words “covet” and “voyeur.” In today’s day and age, everyone is a voyeur. We always want to see what’s happening behind the scenes and beneath the surface to find out what culminates one’s style. We wanted to deconstruct the idea and craze of street style and take it one step further—right back to the place where it all begins: the holy closet.

How have your backgrounds in style and design impacted your creative process?
Both of us have an extensive background as editors, so the transition was really smooth. Stephanie had been styling at ELLE with Kate Lanphear and then moved on to work with stylists Leslie Fremar and Annabel Tollman, as well as a slew of Hollywood clients. She also managed models like Agyness Deyn at Women Management. Before launching her eponymous clothing line, Erin assisted W magazine’s fashion director, Alex White. Putting all of these experiences together is what allows us to create such a clear and unique process. We have so many different areas from which to draw, from designing to styling to marketing. Styling is a creative process that isn’t just about the clothes—it’s the environment, the vibe, the art direction.

Whose closet would you love to raid?
Currently, the Clarins sisters. They just feel so fresh right now.

The Clarins sisters at the Barneys New York party for Carine Roitfeld last September.

What are your fashion rules to live by?
1) Undergarments are everything. You can’t build on anything without a good, solid foundation!
2) Follow your heart, not the trends. If you’re still into harem pants and exaggerated shoulders, but the runways have since moved on… go for it.
3) Black is black. Enough said.
4) A little color never killed anyone. Okay, so we were (keyword: were!) self-confessed B-on-B chicks for a while, but we’ve learned to embrace the technicolor dreamcoat. Could be the influence and our undying love for Proenza that turned us on to the rainbow spectrum, but we’ve never looked back since.
5) Extremes are better: Go minimal or pile it on.
Had to add a special 6) When in doubt, ask yourself WWDD? (What Would Doonan Do?)

What are the most coveted items in your closets at the moment?
Jennifer Fisher just made us custom “COVETEUR” necklaces that we wear religiously.

Who are your favorite fashion photographers?
Nick Knight, Camilla Akrans, Craig McDean, Garance Doré. They’ve each captured a generation of iconic faces and moments in fashion that really resonates with us and provides infinite inspiration for our daily work.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
The funny thing is, we could totally see this happening. Our first stop: jewels, bags and shoes to get inspired. After scouring the Proenza Schouler handbag selection, we would head straight to the shoe department—Isabel Marant, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, the usuals. Our problem is that we tend to leave the clothing for the end so by the time we reach the fitting rooms, we’re left with only minutes ’til closing. So amidst the chaos of layering on Phillip Lim and Lanvin, the doors of Barneys probably would have closed without us realizing it, which is totally fine by us! Following this sartorial shopping spree, we’d head to Fred’s to whip up a midnight snack of an über-early brunch (bacon & eggs, naturally). Post food-coma, we’d crawl back to the shoe department and curl up next to the Miu Mius.

1. Rick Owens DRKSHDW maxi; 2. Jennifer Fisher trident cuff; 3. Balenciaga tube sandal; 4. The Row lizard classic flap bag; 5. Jennifer Fisher brass single bullet ring; 6. Jennifer Fisher vertebrae cuff; 7. Jennifer Fisher gothic letter J bracelet.

1. Helmut Lang rabbit cardigan; 2. Barneys CO-OP stamped python oxford; 3. Jennifer Fisher gothic letter S earring; 4. Proenza Schouler PS1; 5. Thakoon voile panel dress; 6. Jennifer Fisher gothic letter M earring.

Main images courtesy of The Coveteur (left) and Michelle Bob-Parris (right).
Image of the Clarins sisters courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency.