The scene: Les Deux Magots, Paris
The time: Early this morning
The ruse: A business meeting with a Barneys vendor
The reality: A surprise birthday party for Barneys CEO Mark Lee

Mark Lee got more than he’d bargained for when he arrived at Les Deux Magots this morning for an early breakfast meeting. Instead of spreadsheets and samples, he found café au laits, croissants and the entire Barneys team there to wish him a joyeux anniversaire. Led by our wily COO Daniella Vitale, the Barneys team pulled off that rarest of feats: a surprise party that actually surprises. Luckily our photographer Nicole Comeau was on hand to capture the look on his face…

The jig is up: Mark arrives at the restaurant.

Mark & Daniella hug it out.

The gang’s all here!

Yum! Le petit déjeuner.

Photos: Nicole Comeau (