Mark Davis

Where The Magic Happens: Inside The Studio With Jewelry Designer Mark Davis

Jewelry designer  Mark Davis knows a thing or two about finding balance between the old and new. Take, for instance, the materials he uses in his collection sold at Barneys New York: He gives new life to Bakelite (we promise your granny won’t recognize it!) by introducing clean geometry and the sparkle of precious gemstones.

As playful as these pieces come across, each one is painstakingly conceived. “Every single piece of jewelry with my name on it has passed through my hands,” Mark shared when we visited his studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We chatted about everything from inspiration to design process—and the best surprise? The studio is housed in an old rope factory built in 1868. “I think it’s pretty cool that I sit in my office in a mid-19th century building looking across the East River to the Chrysler, Empire State and UN buildings and produce a truly contemporary artisan product made of vintage materials,” he added. “I am surrounded by so many layers of history.”

1. Junesse necklace; 2. Cream bakelite drop earrings; 3. Evelyn bangle 4. Green and white bakelite Jane bangle; 5. Bakelite medium Diana Vreeland pendant; 6. Bakelite & diamond Cardea earrings; 7. Bakelite & amethyst saffron bangle; 8. Bakelite Jeanette bangle; 9. Bakelite & sapphire Fayette bangle; 10. Bakelite & multi-gemstone Loren bangle; 11. Bakelite & spessartite garnet Jodi earrings; 12. Bakelite & amethyst Dendur earrings; 13. Bakelite & multi-gemstone Emmelyne 2 earrrings; 14. Bakelite & diamond Lorna earrings

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