Remember MAKE, that new wunder-brand our beauty department’s been all abuzz about since it launched last year? The one that develops truly top-notch products and donates 10% of all sales (sales, not profits) to its philanthropic arm, the We See Beauty Foundation? Well, since we last checked in, the MAKE team has launched another newsworthy collaboration, this time with New York-based design genius Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

MAKE’s Celeste e Verde collection

The collection, dreamed up by Ms. Nassir Zadeh and makeup artist Ozzy Salvatierra, is called Celeste e Verde, drawing inspiration from Antonioni’s 1964 film Il Deserto Rosso (Red Desert). The movie’s subject is a little…apocryphal but its expressive and carefully considered palette is stunning. The colors of Celeste e Verde (which translates to sky blue and green) are equally thoughtful—a mix of contemporary pastels, ‘fiery brights’ and seaside-inspired blues.

To help bring her vision to life, Maryam called on filmmaker Alexa Karolinski to direct a short film and cast artist and designer Ana Kraš (also known as Devendra Banhart’s girlfriend) to act as the leading lady. Check out the video below, in which Ana navigates her way through a dreamy Southern California day and then check out our interview with MAKE’s creative director, Ariana Mouyiaris.

In choosing a collaborator, what attracted you to Maryam?

Maryam has a truly unique sensibility and refined eye. It is sophisticated, contemporary and fresh—all things that resonated with me. Particularly when it came to color and visual culture. When a friend first referenced her store, my visit was to her website and her ‘journal’ felt very MAKE. Her references moved from film and fine arts to interiors, sculpture, architecture and beauty in a way that reflected a very personal approach to lifestyle. On reading more about her work and practice, it felt like there could be a good synergy and something fun and different could be made through a collaboration in the beauty space.

Why does her aesthetic feel appropriate for the current climate in fashion?

It’s very personal and draws across generations and genres. It’s a hybrid of styles and times, but the juxtapositions and contrasts make it interesting and smart. There are patterns, too—of color and form and subject that make it timeless. These are all things that speak to how MAKE approaches color and our concept collections. We want to work with people who we feel are as relevant now as they’ll be in five or ten years because of how they see and through their creative self-expression.

Do you have a favorite product from the Celeste e Verde collection?

The Super Matte Cake Liner Duo in Salt/Coal is a wonderful monochromatic pair for contemporary lines. When it sets, it doesn’t move. So it’s is a great eyeliner for summer months. The Lip Gloss in Sea is also really wonderful on its own or to transform the lip colors in the collection. The deep indigo color is satisfyingly bold in its clear packaging but can actually be worn quite subtly: a perfect visual pick-me-up.