Photographed by Zoe Ghertner. 

The beauty brand MAKE may barely be two years old, but creative director Ariana Mouyiaris is taking the opportunity this season to look inward. The most recent campaign focuses on MAKE’s Core Collection—the must-have products that have come to define and differentiate the line. The photos by Zoe Ghertner (the camerawoman behind many a Céline lookbook) that follow capture looks conceived by makeup artist Rafael Pita—and all put MAKE’s Core Collection in the spotlight. Pita credits the work of French artist Jean Cocteau as a source of inspiration, which you’ll see in the emphasis placed on a strong, subtly arching brow.

If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with a few of the game-changing offerings that comprise the Core Collection. Around the Barneys office, the Matte/Dew compact (call 212.826.8900 to order) is especially well-loved. Depending on which side you swipe, it imparts either a photo-ready velvet matte finish or healthy, dewy gleam. It also happens to smell like fresh roses—making it a product you can’t help but love to wear. MAKE’s signature matte lipsticks are also best in class, and their pristine packaging makes it feel like you’re opening a jewel box each time you reapply, which, for the record, isn’t all that often. The richly pigment hues last for hours and hours.

We could go on—but instead, we’ll let these striking images speak for themselves. Get lost for a few minutes in the artful world of MAKE below.

MAKE CORE Collection Cocteau GHERTNER_6




MAKE Matte Lipstick – Magma / MAKE Brow Pen – Collected / MAKE Lip Pencil – Natural / MAKE Brow Sculpting Duo – Cool / MAKE Custom Effects – Matte/Dew (call 212.826.8900) / MAKE Super Matte Cake Eyeliner Duo – Salt/Coal