Kenya - gold rings

MAIYET in Kenya

Yesterday, Maiyet co-founder Kristy Caylor introduced us to some of the artisans in Kenya who make, among other pieces, Maiyet’s signature fish necklaces. The work happens in local workshops run by men like Anton, who hand-pours all the brass, and Dragon, who carves all the horn and bone by hand. All in all, it takes about 20 hours to make a single necklace.

It’s one thing to read about it, but another to actually watch the process in action. So check out the video below, which highlights the incredible talent and care with which Maiyet’s Kenyan artisans work. Underneath, you’ll find some of the pieces that hail from their workshops.

After this, you’ll hardly be surprised that Maiyet’s earned a few new fans over at


1. Gold & white bone single baby fish necklace; 2. Gold-plated wide bangle; 3. Gold & white bone multi baby fish necklace; 4. Gold signature sculpt ring; 5. Natural horn multi baby fish necklace; 6. Gold-plated skinny bangle

Video and photography courtesy of Maiyet.