maiyet - india

MAIYET in India

Who needs a plane ticket when you can travel halfway across the world—and even bring back a souvenir—with little more than a click of the mouse?

Your journey begins below, in India. These videos showcase two centuries-old techniques Maiyet uses on its clothes. First up: Local Indian artisans practicing the art of block-printing:

Next watch the incredibly intricate process of weaving and embroidery—all of which is done by hand (as you probably could have guessed if you know Maiyet’s backstory):

These videos are yet another testament to Maiyet’s unique ability to marry old-world traditions with new-world design. Bring a piece of that world into your wardrobe with the styles below…

1. Pleat cuff shirt; 2. Pleat back dress; 3. Circle skirt; 4. Floral embroidered dress; 5. Deep V tank; 6. Tanchoi shorts; 7. Floral hand-embroidered blouse; 8. Cropped jacket