Photo: Via Lust for Life.

The legendary Beach Boys once told us they wished we all could be California girls. If they were referring to the likes of L.A. blogger Olivia Lopez, the sun-kissed style maven behind Lust For Life, we’d share that sentiment.

Only a few minutes of scrolling through Lopez’s sartorial spreadsheet of no-sweat style and dreamy vacation snaps will give any gal the urge to mimic her “bon vivant” lifestyle, in which the best things in life come first.

We took the time to chat with the young tastemaker about the perfect date night, her style evolution since starting Lust for Life at the tender age of 14, and a dream wardrobe of sunglasses. After all, great shades are a must-have accessory when you have an outlook on life this bright.

The Window: What inspired you to start the blog?
Olivia Lopez: I started my blog around the time I started attending music festivals. I had just signed up for MySpace and began receiving friend requests from clothing brands and stylish girls worldwide, who found me online and were drawn to my personal style. It was the first social media platform that enabled me to connect with people outside of my social circle. Eventually, that led me to create a blog.

How has your personal style developed since you started the blog at age 14?
I’ve had my blog for the entirety of my teenage years, so both a lot and little has changed. When I first started Lust for Life, I was a freshman in high school and found most of my style inspiration from musicians and muses from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. My style was heavily influenced by music personalities and referenced specific time periods, so my wardrobe mainly consisted of vintage finds and Morrissey tee shirts. I’ve experimented and dabbled in a lot of different trends to figure out what it is I like and don’t like, and some of the clothes and fabrications that I was always drawn to—like leather and lace—are still my wardrobe staples today. Growing older, I’ve began to appreciate the versatility and longevity of clothing more, and that has elevated what I’m drawn to now versus what I was then.

How do you encapsulate the “bon vivant” lifestyle? What does it mean to you?
“Bon vivant” translates to good living—in essence, someone who enjoys the best things in life. Whether it’s food, furniture, fashion, or friends, I’ve always been drawn to quality, design, and investing in moments, places, and things that transcend over time. It’s about both living a well-rounded life and having a lust for life—whether that’s finding joy in the hunt for a great coat that stands the test of time, eating well, or staying connected to the world around you.

Which L.A. neighborhoods have the best street style, and why?
The Arts District in Downtown L.A. is my favorite place for street style. Because the neighborhood is filled with design studios and showrooms, you’ll find girls pairing local labels with high-end designers. Girls are often running around in the newest Isabel Marant dress or Proenza bag, mixed with flea market vintage and an up-and-coming local designer.


Take us on your tour of L.A. Where must we go?
I grew up in L.A., and I strongly believe that the neighborhoods you visit determine your perspective on the city as a whole. I normally stay east, starting from Silverlake to Downtown. My favorite store for found objects and new designers is the Mohawk General Store in Silverlake, and across the street is a great bar called Café Stella. Downtown, my favorite date night bars are Perch and The Varnish. I love being a stone’s throw away from some of the best dining experiences in town, with places like Bestia and Church & State over in the Arts District. While you’re over there, you can easily spend hours at this new concept shop called Alchemy Works. They have the most expansive range of photo essay books and sell everything from Warby Parkers to gorgeously restored vintage cars. Last but not least, my favorite low-key bar and pizza place is Tony’s next to Pizzanista. It’s the most unassuming place with an interesting crowd—think Julian Casablancas ordering a pepperoni slice in front of you and then walking into the parking lot with Vincent Gallo.

If you weren’t living in L.A., where would you love to be?
This answer is always changing, but right now I’m completely drawn to Paris and Berlin. I love Paris for its similar lifestyle to L.A. There is a balance between work and play and living well there. And I’m completely drawn to Berlin’s energy, with the expansive art scene and noisy counterculture.

What is the most coveted item in your closet at the moment?
My Chloé slides that I picked up in Paris. Sales only happen twice a year, so when the season hits, it’s excellent.

Which seven shades would make up the most perfect sunglasses wardrobe?


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Pursue what you won’t regret later on in life.” The professor who advised me of this planted the seed that informed my decision to pause school and pursue the opportunities I received from blogging. After letting it internalize for a year, along with a few validating signs along the way, I took her advice—and haven’t look back since.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
You’d find me in a Rag & Bone leather skirt, an ESK cropped Ingrid sweater, and Gianvito Rossi lace-ups, topped off with a Janessa Leone hat.