The day before the Supreme Court ruled to legalize marriage for same-sex couples across all states, seven couples gathered to be documented by The Window. With the equal rights decree on the horizon, the studio of photographer Bek Andersen was filled with stories of personal connections, sage advice on successful cohabitation, and, of course, some truly stunning wedding bands.

Read on for touching, truthful, insightful, and sometimes humorous takeaways from real couples who know firsthand what it’s like when love wins.

Pamela Love and Matthew Nelson
Married: May 12, 2012

Pamela and Matthew

“When I first met Matthew he was standing across the room, not facing me. I saw the back of him and immediately said to my friend, ‘Who is that guy? I’m going to marry him.’ The way he stood, his beaten up Docs—he had a man ponytail when it wasn’t a thing—I just never saw anyone with that style before. It was a physical reaction.” -Pamela

“When we met, I lived in North Carolina. We were pen pals for a while, writing long saturated letters to each other. The day I moved to New York, I proposed to Pam. I tell people I moved to Pam, not to New York City.” -Matthew

Bob Morris and Ira Silverberg
Married: July 2008

Bob and Ira
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“None of my books could have been written without Ira. Nothing leaves my desk without him putting all the love in the world into it. Bobby Wonderful [Bob Morris’s latest book—a memoir about his relationship with his parents] got published because he made me find the feeling. Writing can be incredibly isolating but I don’t feel lonely with Ira in my life. Even when it’s really hard I always have tremendous support.” -Bob

“Lucky for him he married an editor/agent.” -Ira

Nora Levinson and Lian Gube
Married: September 27, 2013

Nora and Lian
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“I was in Dong Guan for work [Nora is the co-founder of tech-meets-design brands Adopted and Caeden] and Lian was the lounge singer at the hotel I stayed at. We really found each other in the most unlikely place. As young lesbians in southern China—it feels like fate.” -Nora

“To be honest, I was in a rocky relationship when I met Nora. Nora—she was different. Like no one I had ever known before.” -Lian

Kara Mullins and Osvaldo Jimenez
Engaged: March 1, 2015

OJ and Kara
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“I proposed to her on the M14 bus—that’s where we first met. There was a snowstorm that day and the whole bus was a slushy mess. I got on one knee and proposed to her in the middle of the crowd. From the front of the bus, someone yelled out, ‘Is someone getting married on this bus like, for real?!’” -Osvaldo

“I saw something in him before he saw it in himself. He’s smart, and colorful, and has so many stories to tell.” -Kara

Hayley Russman and Robert Foppiani
Engaged: August 23, 2014

Hayley and Robert

“We were comfortable around each other from the very beginning. Robert has a really warm, easy confidence about him.” -Hayley

“From the very first date I always knew I would see her again. I just envisioned us doing things together and it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t happen.” -Robert

“Communications is so key. We never played the guessing game.” -Hayley

Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler
Married: September 18, 2008

Simon and Jonathan
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“We don’t worry about celebrating wedding anniversaries because every day in our house is Mardi Gras.” -Simon

Erica Taylor Haskins and Keith Haskins
Married: May 9,2015

Erika and Keith

“We started talking because I called the building management saying it was too hot and requesting to turn the air up. After a few weeks of calling and complaining and requesting air conditioning, the staff said, ‘we can’t do this anymore. You need to talk amongst your associates, someone else in your office is calling daily saying it’s too cold,’ and that’s how Erica and I met.” -Keith

“Our apartment has two air conditioners running constantly and I’m always wrapped in a blanket.” -Erica

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