In our interview with Fabrice Penot, co-founder of NYC-based fragrance collection Le Labo, he told us that he designs “for people who trust their instincts.” We’d add to that: people with good instincts.

Le Labo was founded in rebellion against the ubiquity of big-brand perfumes that emphasize mass marketing over olfactory ingenuity. In contrast, not only are Le Labo’s perfumes highly distinctive, but each bottle is made to order on the spot: The name of the person who mixed the fragrance, the date of creation, and the customer’s name are all printed on the label. It is personalization in the extreme.

Now, after three years of tinkering, there are two new additions to the Le Labo lineup: Ylang 49 and Lys 41 (the number refers to the number of ingredients in each scent). Le Labo calls its new debuts “imperfect twins” because both are florals, yet the similarities end there.

In our interview below, Penot describes Lys 41 as bright and optimistic, whereas Ylang 49, he says, is woody and sensual. Watch the video to find out more about Le Labo’s unique sensibility.