Best of the Workshop: LADY GAGA Reveals Her Top Picks

Best of the Workshop: LADY GAGA Reveals Her Top Picks

When GAGA’S WORKSHOP opened earlier this month, Gaga herself was among the über-excited shoppers who couldn’t wait to browse all the gift-able goodies on offer. Now that the holidays are right around the corner, she reveals the items she’s planning to give (and hoping to get!) this year.

1. Keep this composition book on hand for when inspiration strikes.

2. Score these hand-made press-ons by Gaga’s nail artist Naomi Yasuda.

3. This colorful teacup conceals a hidden diamond. Bottoms up!

4. Round out your holiday wardrobe with a GAGA’S WORKSHOP t-shirt.

5. Always keep a set of little monsters close at hand.

6. Deck the halls with this Gaga motorcycle ornament.

7. Sip in style out of this a-morir by kerin.rose Swarovski-encrusted teacup.

8. Mix things up with this magnetic Gaga dress-up set.

9. Keep your iPad safe and stylish in this python carrying case.

10. Snack on this scrumptious cookie iteration of Gaga in her telephone hat.

11. Relive GAGA’S WORKSHOP every year with this shopping bag ornament.

- Tory Hoen

Remember that 25% of sales from all items in Gaga’s Workshop will go to the Born This Way Foundation, so gift away!