Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter.

Summing up a city as expansive and enchanting as L.A. in three words is no small task, but that’s exactly what we asked a handful of designers to do in the video below—and now we’re asking you. Describe the city in your own three words—in the comments section, on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook, using the hashtag #BNYlovesLA—and we’ll share our favorites on Friday.

From Juan Carlos Obando to Irene Neuwirth, Scott Sternberg to Andrea Lieberman, nearly a dozen big names at Barneys wax poetic, discussing why they choose to live in L.A., what sets it apart, and why it has a special place in their hearts in the full version of the video below. This lovefest for the City of Angels is part of L.A. Week here on The Window, in honor of of the recent overhaul of our Beverly Hills flagship.

Don’t forget to check back in throughout the week, as we’ll continue to celebrate with our very own Barneys version of a star map, a sneak peek at the new Band of Outsiders-designed uniforms for Freds, On Location videos, and more.




L.A. Stories photography by Bruce Weber.