Originally from Montreal, Leora Elituv (pictured above) lives between Tel Aviv and New York, and she brings that global perspective to her newly launched line of swim and resort wear, Kisuii. “Because of the digital age, everything is attainable, and summer isn’t just one season,” she tells The Window. “It’s a state of mind—it’s the way people curate and tell stories. Summerwear brands are becoming more extensive and on-trend, and that’s where we fit in.”

Elituv grew up immersed in the world of fashion. From the time she was 6 years old, she would go to work with her father, whom she describes as “an old-school merchant,” quietly learning from him. After studying digital branding and marketing at Parsons, she went to work for other brands but longed for her own creative outlet. Seeing a hole in the market, Elituv set out to create a complete line of modern resort wear.

Even before designing the first collection, Elituv meticulously chose the name and the branding. Kisuii means covering from elements in Hebrew, and also means where the land and water separate in Japanese. She describes the collection as girly and simple without being overly traditional. “It’s feminine and romantic, and it’s very modern in the way it styles together. It’s for that nomadic, educated customer who knows quality when she touches something.” The debut collection focuses on subtle, well-executed details like flattering smocking, ruffles, embroidery, and trims. The combination of versatile coverups and easy-to-wear swimsuits makes it an easy collection to mix and match on any beach vacation.

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