A Sweet Evening in Celebration of KELLY FLORIO KASOUF’s New Children’s Book

Last night at Kelly Florio Kasouf’s book-signing for her children’s story, The Super Adventures of Sophie and the City, it was lots of sugar and spice and everything nice for the well-dressed crowd of yummy mummies and their children.

Co-hosted by Annie Taube, Ferebee Taube and Lesley Thompson, the biggest draw of the evening (beyond meeting the engaging author and receiving an autographed book) were the heaps and jars of rock candy, gumballs, M&M’s, Ladurée macaron trees, cotton candy tufts, and mini-mocktails, that even the adult crowd couldn’t refuse. Another hit for both young and old, the digital photo booth tucked in the corner of the renovated children’s boutique of Chelsea Passage, where everyone hammed it up.

“I felt like a little girl, down to my sparkly shoes!” said Kelly. “I was watching all the little girls’ faces looking at all the candy and wearing their little pink dresses. It reminded me of my first grown-up party. It was a lovely night and a great way to honor my dad’s memory.” (The book is a fictional account of Kelly’s experiences visiting her father, the late Condé Nast executive Steve Florio, at work.) We couldn’t agree more. We all left with smiles on our faces and books and bags of candy tucked under our arms!

- Jennifer Alfano

Click here to pick up Kelly’s book for the little ones in your life.

Images courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency.