Sometimes the power of positive thinking isn’t enough; a girl needs a lucky charm.

Enter Sara Weinstock’s eponymous jewelry collection. While the symbols she employs (lotuses, serpents, starbursts, and a clear favorite, the Maltese cross) are ancient, her interpretation is undeniably modern. Mixing materials like yellow gold and blackened sterling silver give pieces like her flower petal hoop earrings a contemporary sense of contrast. And as is the case of many a Barneys jewelry line, the beauty is in the detail. Even when Weinstock goes bold, she enthralls us with her intricate handiwork. A black moonstone cocktail ring is surrounded with tiny multi-hued diamonds on both the top and sides; there is no bad angle from which to marvel.

Naturally, we adore the whole collection. But if there’s one statement piece for the season, let Barneys’ Vice President of Women’s Accessories Sarah Blair steer you in the right direction: “In celebration of the year of the snake, who can resist her gorgeous Paraiba tourmaline earrings?” (See #5 below.) The question is of course rhetorical, since we all know the answer—no one!