She’s toured with CeeLo Green and Paloma Faith, her song’s been featured in a Google ad, and—lucky for you—her name’s a snap to remember: Jetta. (Hey, the mono-moniker worked for Madonna, no?) When we came across this Liverpool-born, London-based singer with a soulful voice and the style all her own, we knew we wanted more.

The result? Jetta stars in our Spring 2014 Edun lookbook, modeling a lineup of the brand’s graphic separates, geometric woven pieces and easy knits—a perfect representation of her eclectic personal style.

So she’s got the sound—have a listen to her single, “Start A Riot“, for proof—and she’s certainly got the look. (She cites T by Alexander Wang, Maison Martin Margiela, and Opening Ceremony as other favorite brands.) Obviously, we couldn’t wait to sit down with this cool Brit to find out more about what makes her tick.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think it’s a mix. I feel like I’m always wearing a little high street, a little high end, and a little DIY. I break things all the time, but I don’t like to throw things away, so a lot of my jewelry is held together by strings! I’ve also always been into sci-fi movies, so I like DIY style with something a little futuristic.

I hear Paloma Faith taught you to walk in heels when you toured with her.

She’s responsible—now I could probably do a relay race, like a sprint, in heels! I remember, I think it was the first day at Glastonbury festival. Most people are nervous about forgetting their lines or their voice going, but I was just thinking, ‘Don’t fall over, don’t fall over.’ You just have to pretend you’re really confident!

Jetta HeadshotWe love your signature eyeliner dots.

I’ve been doing it for a really long time—since I was about 14. I used to do it with gel pens, I was just bored. Even now if I run out of eyeliner I use a black marker, but I wouldn’t advise that! I used to move it around my face quite a lot, and it just felt right here. Even when I fall asleep on a plane or something, I wake up and I haven’t smudged it! It’s become a part of me—like a tattoo that I can wash off.

Would you ever have it actually tattooed?

I don’t think so. Once something is made permanent, that’s when the need to change it comes along.

For the uninitiated: How would you describe your musical style?

My fashion and my music complement each other because they’re a combination of things. They’re a real mix of my influences throughout my childhood. My parents are both musical—my dad would play me a lot of bands like The Police and T. Rex, and that sonic side of things is something you can really hear in my background. My mom really loved female storytellers, which I think is where I really got the interest in writing lyrics.

Your song “Feels Like Coming Home” was used in a Google Zeitgeist commercial. What was that like?

It was really special, something I feel really honored to be a part of. It was a montage of a bunch of different ranges of emotions, which is something that I want to do with my music. The video has like 3 million views. It’s given me a platform, but the EP as a whole is more about people discovering that and finding out what I have to say.

So what do you think about the Edun collection you’re modeling?

One of my favorite pieces is just a plain black t-shirt, but it feels dreamy. What it’s made out of, I don’t know. It’s cut so well. Edun is a really good cause. Bono is a huge role model—I mean, U2. I’m such a big fan. And obviously it’s really important for African trade. It’s covering all areas of doing good, and it looks good.