A clothing line endorsed by the iconic (and varied!) likes of Audrey Hepburn, Diana Vreeland, Wallis Simpson, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy is certainly enough to catch our attention. What’s more, the collection was founded by a Russian princess…we’re even more intrigued. Oh, and it’s inspired by pajamas. Sold!

Galitzine was launched in 1960 by Princess Irene Galitzine and was quickly adopted as a uniform of the fashion-inclined. Dubbed by Vreeland “Pyjama Palazzo,” the easy pants and tops were comfortable, versatile and wildly chic—perfect for jet-setting between New York, Rome, Capri and various other exotic locales. Those louche times of the ‘60s and ‘70s may be long gone, but there are certainly still plenty of women who prefer to take their comfort and style together, which is why the house was recently relaunched with designer Sergio Zambon at the helm.

The Window caught up with Zambon to find out more about his muse—that would be “Donna Irene”—his work, and why pajama dressing is always in style.


Where did you start when designing this collection?
Sergio Zambon: I started by embracing the quintessential taste of the maison, which translates in smart functional elegance created for people with a strong sense of style. That is why my first idea was to present a capsule of only pyjamas palazzo.

What interested you the most about the history of the house?
I was captivated by the vision behind the maison, a combination of contemporary style intertwined with historical elegance which the pajama palazzo represents, and also by the powerful joie de vivre of Donna Irene.

How do you keep the legacy of Irene Galitzine alive?
By putting the accent on a contemporary elegance that is more style-conscious than fashion-conscious. Also, by making sure that style is an effortlessly integral part of one’s life.

1. Irene Galitzine with Jackie O. // 2. With Baron Niki de Gunzburg & Diana Vreeland // 3. With Audrey Hepburn

What did you do to modernize Galitzine?
I used new unexpected material for the pajama palazzo, such as colored linen toile embellished with overdyed nylon studs and crystals. The modern twist comes from mixing an extremely daytime-appropriate fabric with classic glamour silhouettes and new material as decorations.

What kinds of women inspire you when you’re designing?
I am inspired by smart, witty women that embrace their vision of the world and are able to create tangible answers to their need to dress to express their style rather than out of conformity. These women usually have a man at their side that is not scared of stepping back to let them shine.

Pajama dressing is definitely having a moment in fashion right now. Why do you think that is?
I believe the comeback of the pyjama palazzo fits in the emerging fashion trend that I call functional luxury. It translates in the art of mixing minimal silhouette with rich prints, embellishments and luxurious, couture-like fabrics.

What do you love most about pajamas?
The thing I love the most about pajamas is their way of perfectly converging the opposites. Functionality and appearance, coziness and elegance, minimalism and maximalism, masculine and feminine, two to make one. It’s a unique choice that we make, and it makes us.


All images courtesy of Galitzine.