Interior Designer ROBERT COUTURIER Decorates With Scent

After we interviewed interior designer Robert Couturier and perfumer Frédéric Malle about Malle’s “perfume guns” for the home, Couturier was kind enough to invite us to tour his home in Soho. While he showed us around the apartment (and posed for a few photographs), he told us exactly how he uses Malle’s home fragrances to scent his home.

After you scroll down and peruse the pictures of his home below, you’ll be more than ready to take his advice too.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the interview.


Cafe Society: This is my favorite scent, best used in a living room or foyer. It is the smell of an elegant old French house; it is a perfume full of delicious memories of time passed. It is refined, elegant and utterly distingue.

Jurassic Flower: Also a living room scent, but for the summer. It calls for lemonade, ice teas and languid conversations lying down on sofas.

Russian Nights: For the office and sitting room—there is something thick and rich and masculine about it. It is for someplace that does not need direct sunlight, where the semi-darkness seems propitious for serious conversation and reading. It’s redolent of opiate-filled late nights.

1er Mai: Also a summer smell, conjuring lingering late evenings in my office and sitting room with the scent wafting into my bedroom. It holds all the promises of early spring—clear, happy smells, fresh sheets and light repose.

Rosa Rugosa: For the evening throughout the apartment on a late summer night, because it reminds me of my grandmother’s summer scent of “Eau de Rose.”

Robert’s living room (the large print is by Ron Agam)

Robert in his office

The sitting room, which is connected to the office

The elevator opens directly into his foyer

Just a few of the charming details

More nooks and crannies

An artful chess set that caught our eye

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All photos courtesy of Chris New.