If you’ve ever tried any Tatcha products—their Camellia cleansing oil or rice enzyme polishing powder perhaps—you know how game-changing they can be. Founder Vicky Tsai is a perfectionist through and through, and each product she introduces must hold its own.

So you can imagine that our ears perked upon discovering that Ms. Tsai would be introducing a whole new skincare collection created around the healing properties of indigo. Indigo, you ask? Yes, the same plant that gives your jeans their characteristic hue turns out to be an under-appreciated ingredient when it come skincare. But it’s long been revered in Japan. In fact, during the Edo Period, the Samurai warriors wore a layer of indigo-dyed cotton beneath their armor to help skin wounds heal, earning the color the nickname “Samurai Blue.”


The indigo used in Tatcha’s new handcream, body butter and renewal treatment has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties and has been known to be particularly beneficial to those with dermatitis and eczema. (Tsai claims that it’s worked wonders on her own steroid-resistant eczema.) Even if it’s just dry skin that ails you, Tatcha’s Indigo Collection has a lot to offer.

Now to be clear, this stuff is blue, so be sure to rub it in. Then it’s as easy as letting the indigo, and the other hydrating miracle workers found in the Tatcha line, do their thing. Irritation, flakiness, drab winter skin—be gone!

tatcha indigo collection