When it comes to merging fashion with function, no collection quite fits the bill like Herschel Supply Company. Founded by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack and named after the charming Canadian hamlet of their youth, Herschel Supply Co. is known for its utilitarian backpacks, totes and messenger bags, all as well suited for a morning commute on the L-train as a weekend in the Catskills.

And now, as part of their Bad Hills Workshop Collection, the gentlemen of Herschel Supply Co. have created an exclusive collection for Barneys that includes some of the brand’s most-loved silhouettes—the Heritage Backpack for instance—reimagined in unexpected and innovative materials like… wait for it… acid-washed denim!

In anticipation of this exciting launch, we sat down with Jamie and Lyndon and quizzed them on all things Herschel. Read on for their responses and some behind-the-scenes pics.


Herschel Supply for Barneys New York Interview 3

What was your mission in launching Herschel Supply Co.?

Lyndon Cormack: We saw an opportunity in the backpack market to create a well-designed yet practical program, taking inspiration from nostalgic silhouettes and modernizing them for present day use. Our design ethos is to be inspired by the past but look forward to the future. We want to create products that stand the test of time and will one day be the new nostalgia.

The line is named after the town where your family has lived for generations. What is it about Herschel, Saskatchewan, that’s so special to you? And how is the town reflected in the collection?

Jamie Cormack: We wanted to pay homage to our roots. We loved the name, we loved the town as kids and we really wanted to bring the family aspect into a company that we started as brothers.

LC: It’s special to us because three generations of our family grew up in Herschel. It was and still is a tiny town, currently with 30 residents. Most people would drive past Herschel on the highway and pass it in the blink of an eye, yet its rolling hills inspire a sense of adventure. It’s about creating something from nothing. The summers Jamie and I spent in Herschel were some of the most memorable.


Herschel Supply Co. for Barneys New York_Alexander 2

Tell us a bit about the collection that’s exclusive to Barneys.

LC: Working with Barneys gave us the freedom to use materials that we would not normally have the chance to work with. We used more experimental and coveted materials to create products that are not only true to Herschel Supply Co.’s identity but also to Barneys’ as well.

Dream weekend getaway: Where are you going and what are you packing?

LC: I’m more of a summer person and anywhere near a body of water like a lake or beach will more than suffice. I’m a light packer but a few essentials would be a pair of Orlebar Brown trunks, a classic pair of Thom Browne sunglasses, a few James Perse t-shirts and a nice pair of sandals.

JC: Personally, I enjoy the winter months and heading out to my cabin is something I look forward to. Some of my winter essentials would be a pair of snow boots, a warm knit Sacai sweater and a nice waterproof jacket.


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