For such a humble article of clothing, t-shirts can inspire some serious emotions: loyalty, sentiment, security. Why shouldn’t the rest of your wardrobe be so dear to your heart?

Tony Melillo, the designer behind the ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo collection of t-shirts, has taken his perfectionist approach to his just-right tees and applied it to cashmere—and we’re betting you’ll be just as enamored.

“I saw it as an extension of the t-shirts,” Melillo said of the brand-new cashmere collection he launched exclusively at Barneys New York for holiday. “I wanted to keep the feeling of a t-shirt, with details like the ribbed rim at the neck and ribbed cuffs—it feels like it could be a tee.” His signature tee touches, like a shirttail hem, are also present in the styles that are available now. In December, he’ll offer an equally covetable cashmere sweatshirt, and come spring, cardigans will be added to the mix—a veritable wardrobe of the super-soft sweaters.

“When I first started [ATM] I was fully focused on t-shirts,” he said. “I don’t want to dilute that so much, but there’s always been a world in my head of who wears the t-shirts. I’m just expanding on my original idea.”

We’ll take his word for it—after all, Melillo’s his own best customer.

“I wear ATM every day,” he laughed. “I truly do. Last night I went to an event, and I was originally wearing jeans and a blazer and dress shirt. Then I took off dress shirt, put back on a t-shirt instead, put a cashmere crewneck over it, and felt dressed enough for the night! The system works, even for me. The cashmere elevated the whole thing.”

Left: Three-quarter sleeve sweater; Right: Long sleeve sweater