If you’re an avid Barneys shopper, you may already recognize Hector Browne. His likeness has lined our shelves in the form of a wiener dog bag over the last few months. Apparently, designer Thom Browne was so enamored by his now 1-year-old wire haired dachshund that he created an accessory that celebrated his very being. And after getting the chance to spend a day with Hector himself, we can see how the handsome doxie has captured his owner’s admiration—not to mention his growing number of Instagram fans who follow his account, @hectorbrowne.

Scroll on for a Hector Browne-high view of Barneys New York as our new favorite four-legged friend takes us on a tour from the ground up. Starting with Thom Browne for some choice cashmere, making his way through Freds for some fries and a cheeseburger (smells only—he keeps it healthy!) and ending at Genes Cafe with a decidedly pensive intake of the NYC skyline, this city dog keeps it classy.

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Starting the day by perusing a selection of Thom Browne.

The Barneys hallway is his runway.

Found a cashmere sweater that fits like a glove.

When you’re this size, things are always looking up.

Nosing up to Freds. On the menu: cheeseburger, fries, and water served in a champagne coupe.

Hector Browne gets lots of attention everywhere he goes, but so far, it hasn’t gone to his head.

Contemplating a cardigan instead of the pullover.

Feeling right at home.

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