It’s a good time to be a guy, says Brian Sacawa, creator of style site He Spoke Style.

 As a renewed interest in menswear has spread across the airwaves (thank you, Mad Men) and the blogosphere (thank you, street style photogs), more and more guys are looking to learn the secrets to looking good.

That’s where Mr. Sacawa steps in. The Baltimore-based blogger offers inspiration and advice for those looking to refine their personal style. While Brian leans towards dapper duds and three-piece suits, he’s not opposed to keeping it simple and comfortable. And after wearing the same outfit for an entire year (yes, you read that right), we trust he knows what a man really needs in his wardrobe.

Below, Brian gives us the lowdown—from why he started blogging to his five essentials for fall.

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What inspired you to start the blog?

I have a compulsion to communicate with as many people as possible. I’m a professional musician and music is all about communication, and personal style is a form of communication as well. The blog allows me to communicate with and offer inspiration to readers around the world. That, to me, is amazing and the reason I love doing it.

What style rules do you live by?

Rule No. 1: Invest in quality. This doesn’t mean having to spend an arm and a leg on every piece that you buy, but I truly believe that you get what you pay for.

Rule No. 2: Fit trumps all. Nothing matters—price, designer and so on—if the clothes don’t fit you well. A tailor is every sharp-dressed man’s unsung hero.

Rule No. 3: Versatility. Having a flowing wardrobe doesn’t have to mean owning an obscene amount of clothing. You can get really far if you fill your closet with great basics and learn how to combine them in interesting ways.

hespoke-tropical-2What grooming tip would make all men look just a little bit better?

That’s a tall order. However, I think men don’t take care of their skin nearly enough. Washing your face twice a day and using a moisturizer is a great place to start. Add in twice-weekly exfoliating and you’re doing even better.

What is the best (fashion) advice you’ve ever received?

My tailor, Earle Bannister, told me that when it comes to custom clothing, you have to go all out with the custom details. If you’re going to invest in a custom garment, you should do something special to make it your own. Why would you design a custom suit that looks like one you could buy off the rack, right? Having someone who was willing to push me to get over my inhibitions and be more creative was an important step in my menswear journey.

What are your five wardrobe essentials for fall?

Slim dark denim, burgundy anything, a leather biker jacket, a cream cable knit sweater and brown chukkas.

You tell us: Loafers or lace ups? Skinny tie, wide tie or bow tie? Belt or suspenders?

All of the above.

If you could lunch with any BNY designer, who would it be?

Thom Browne, because I love his modern take on the classics. I’d love to ask him what inspires him beyond the realm of fashion. Everything is connected and the obtuse connections are often the most interesting to me.

What is the most coveted item in your closet?

My custom blue suit—it fits like a dream, is a unique shade of blue, has some amazing but subtle details, and is extremely versatile.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York, what would we find you wearing in the morning?


All images courtesy of He Spoke Style.