Like the black and white India ink drawings that decorate the walls of her New York studio, artist and jewelry designer Eva Zuckerman is a study in contrasts. She describes her style of incorporating upside-down diamonds (such as in these fetching studs) as “a little St. Mark’s, a little Upper East Side.” She knows both geographies well, having been schooled at Dalton and then Cooper Union.

Eva, like many New Yorkers, seems to feed on this city’s infinite contradictions. “I love the comparison of a glittery building and a crack in the sidewalk,” she tells us. “I try to pay attention to these contrasts as much as I can.”

Her tough-but-tender sensibility is on display in the Eva Fehren collection. (Fehren is her middle name.) Take for example the ‘X’ ring, the piece that started it all. Its slim gold bands and delicate pave diamonds have been forged into a symbol that Zuckerman sees as a badge of strength, even citing Wonder Woman’s influence. Heroic as it is, the ‘X’ ring is also, simply put, a thing of beauty. Sarah Blair, Barneys’ Vice President of Women’s Accessories, calls it “an absolute masterpiece.”

Eva’s collection evokes “an edgy, yet feminine aesthetic with architectural and geometric elements,” adds Blair. “She’s one to watch.”

Speaking of watch, how about taking a peek inside Eva’s studio? Check out our video interview with the designer below.


The teardrop and double finger moonstone rings pictured above are available by special order. Please call 212-826-8900 to speak with an associate.